Our vision, our mission 
Since the majority of our income comes from the sale of meat, the weight gain from full grazing and the general conformation of the subjects are very important to us. That's why Le Biscornu ... 
Each year we offer a limited number of lambs that we consider superior. Among the subjects offered, those who have not been chosen as breeders will be sent to the butcher to respect our meat sales. The fact that we have a loyal and well established customer base for meat assures us that we will not try to sell a subject that is not worthy of breeding simply because we have no other alternative for him. ...

The perfect ewe: 
Suitable for a pasture management 
Excellent conformation 
Excellent maternal skills 
Attentive to his lambs 
Easy lambing 
Give two lambs each year 
Dairy (good weight gain of lambs) 
Beautiful quality of wool (quantity and quality)
The perfect ram: 
Suitable for a pasture management 
Excellent conformation 
Good temperament 
Vigor of his offspring at birth 
Good weight gain on the pasture of his offspring 
Maternal skills in her daughters 
Beautiful quality of wool (quantity and quality)

Before contacting us 
Our website is full of information about Icelandic sheep and our breeding.
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Our Tools:

GenOvis: Programe genetic improvement 
Biscornu has participated in the GenOvis program since the birth of its first lambs on the farm (2005). This program, run by the Center of Expertise in Sheep Production in Quebec (CEPOQ) in collaoration with the University of Guelf in Ontario, allows us to know the subjects with the best genetic potential. With EPD (Predicted Differences in Progeny) indicators we are allowed to control our genetic selection to achieve our goals. The criteria evaluated are the maternal qualities of the mother, the speed of weight gain of the lamb on pasture and the quality of the carcass. 
For example, thanks to GenOvis we are allowed to select females producing twins rather than triplets in order to maintain an interesting weight gain in a pasture management. 
We also take into account the general conformation, horns and wool (phenotype) in our selection. 

Artificial Insemination: for Genetic Diversity 
In December 2006, Le Biscornu was the first Canadian farm to practice vaginal artificial insemination using an innovative technique developed by researchers at the Southram Test Station in Iceland: Our experience is conclusive, our success rate is usually close to around 70%. 
In addition to being a promising technique for other sheep breeds, the Icelandic technique of vaginal artificial insemination with frozen semen allows the breeder to inseminate his ewes himself, without stress, without heat synchronization. hormones and without the expense of an inseminator or laparoscopy. 
For several years, Iceland has improved the meat quality of the Icelandic while maintaining the maternal characteristics and the quality of the wool. Insemination gives us access to a wide variety of proven superior rams. The supply of "new blood" is also a great benefit for a breed whose Canadian herd is relatively small and dispersed.

Ultrasound of the eye of the loin 
In complementarity with the program GenOvis, the biscornu participates in the ultrasound program of the eye of the loin since 2010. 
Ultrasonography of the thickness of the long and dorsal fat layer in lambs aged between 100 and 120 days is the best predictor of the subject's muscle mass in adulthood. This step will help us to select the subjects with a better muscular confromation for their well-being as well as economically more profitable animals.

Veterinary cares and flock health 

In order to keep our herd healthy, a professional follow-up is carried out by a veterinarian specialized in sheep. No contagious diseases are known in our flock. 
In addition, for more guarantees, we participate in the Quebec Program of Sanitation for the Meadi visna. To date, all our subjects have demonstrated negative serologies and a biosecurity protocol is in place on our farm site. 
Since 2015, our farm has the Diament status on the Meadi Visna program, the highest level of security that can be offered

Breed standards: